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Continental Sceatta Series D

The finder of this con, Tom Burton, knew it was a silver sceatta but asked if I could let him have a full ID and a valuation.

On the obverse, facing right, is a bust wearing a crude crown, which has an annulet in front and behind. In the centre of the reverse is a cross pommee, which is surrounded by pellets and a pseudo legend.

This sceatta was struck on the Continent and imported into England. It’s an example of series D, type 2c, variety 3h. In the Standard Catalogue the generic type is listed as number 792.


The coin is nicely toned and would grade VF. Sceattas of series D turn up fairly regularly as detecting finds but this specimen is in above average condition. Last year a comparable specimen was sold at auction and the hammer price was £85; with the buyers’ premium and VAT the person who had bought the coin would have paid a total close to £105.

Some coins do very well when sold at auction, others don’t. For lower value coins I always advise vendors to do their best to locate a private buyer; in doing so it is often possible to negotiate a figure acceptable to both parties.

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