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Cnut, Short Cross Penny

Paul Marland must have access to some good sites, for he manages to unearth a really wide range of finds. The latest one is an Anglo-Saxon penny. I see a quite a number of Anglo-Saxon pennies as detecting finds but many detectorists have never managed to locate a single example.

Paul’s find is a short cross type penny of Cnut. On the reverse the legend reads +OTHIN ON EOFER (TH is a letter D with a wedge either side of the upright), so Othin is the moneyer and York the mint.


The coin would grade VF but there is some deposit on the obverse, a scratch across Cnut’s neck and, sadly, an edge chip to the flan. There were over 4,000 short cross pennies of Cnut in the Lenborough Hoard and even before this was discovered the type wasn’t scarce. Despite that, any Anglo-Saxon penny counts as a good find. However, the defects mentioned will push down the market price of this one. In its present condition my highest pre-sale auction estimate would be £120-150.

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