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Charles I halfgroat

This hammered coin was unearthed recently by Glyn Peak. It’s a bit unusual so Glyn asked for my opinion on it.

The coin is a Charles I halfgroat, which was stuck at the mint in the Tower of London. It has inner circles on both sides and the mint mark, a triangle, dates it to 1639-40. It’s an example of Tower type 3a2-3.

Halfgroats of Charles I have II behind the king’s head, which identifies the denomination (two pence). Glyn’s find has III behind the head but this is due to the obverse being badly double struck. I’m left wondering if anybody in the 1640s tried to pass off the coin as a threepence piece rather than a halfgroat?   


The reverse would grade Fine but with the double struck obverse I would price the coin no higher than £15.

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