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Calais half groat of Henry VI

This is the first of two coins that came in from Colin Pearson. It’s a halfgroat of Henry VI and is so nice that it would be a welcome addition to any collection of English hammered silver coins.

On the obverse the legend ends with Z F and the punctuations are all rosettes. The legend within the inner circle on the reverse reads VIL LA CALI SIE, with a mascle before LA and double saltires after it and a rosette after SIE. Therefore, this halfgroat was struck at Calais during the rosette mascle coinage.

Calais halfgroats of the rosette mascle coinage usually have a mascle after REX on the obverse. This example does not have a mascle in that position, which turns it into a rarity.


The obverse has been struck slightly off centre but the coin is otherwise in VF condition. I’d price it at £150 but if two specialists entered into a bidding battle it might sell for more.

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