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Bronze core of a stater of the Corieltauvi

The finder of this coin, Edward Burns, asked if I would give him a valuation. At first sight the coin looks like an Ancient British gold stater but, sadly, it is only a bronze core.

On the obverse is a wreath separated across the centre by a bar, on each end of which is a crescent. On the reverse is a stylised horse facing left with IISVP above, R in front and ASV below.

In Ancient British Coins genuine staters of this type are listed under the Corieltauvi as the Esuprasu type and dated to circa AD 40-47. The type isn’t particularly rare but neither is it as common as some other staters of the Corieltauvi.

I’ve seen quite a number of base metal cores of coins of the Corieltauvi. It would seem that forgery was particularly prevalent amongst this most northern group.


Even though they are unofficial issues, base metal cores are still of interest to Ancient British specialists. This example would grade about VF for the issue and to a collector it should be worth at least £150.

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