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Antoninianus of Philip I

This is the last of a group of four Roman coins, which were sent in by Mike Ruczynski. The first three were all denarii but this one of a silver antoninianus of Philip I, whose dates are AD 244 to 249.

If the whole of the legend on the obverse was visible then it would read IMP MIVL PHILLIPVS AVG around the radiate head of the emperor. On the reverse the figure of Pax advances to the left holding an olive branch and a sceptre and is accompanied by a legend reading PAX ATERN.

The nearest reference number in volume III of David Sear’s Roman Coins and Their Values is 8940 but that has a PAX AETERNA legend. The type was struck at Rome in AD 244-45.


The coin would grade about VF but the edge is rather badly chipped and there is some deposit on the surface. It’s not a scarce type and most coins of Philip I are fairly common, so in its present condition I’d price this anoninianus no higher than £5.

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