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Ancient British silver unit of the Dobunni

Steve Simmons told me that this coin was unearthed from a pasture field. He said it measures 13mm in diameter and he was delighted when it turned up.

The coin is an Ancient British silver unit of the Dobunni. On the obverse, facing right, is a very stylised head with rings and dots for the hair and eyes and a crudely formed face. On the reverse is a triple-tailed horse facing left with TED above. All this adds up to this silver unit being a coin of Anted (circa AD 20 to the early 40s).

In Ancient British Coins Steve’s find is listed as number 2072 and in the Standard Catalogue it is number 380.


The surface is rough on both sides, the obverse has been struck off centre and there looks to be two small edge chips behind the horse. After listing a few minus points a plus point is that all the main detail is quite clear. In its present condition my price range would be £40 to £60.

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