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Ancient British silver unit

This little silver coin measures only 12mm in diameter but is shown greatly enlarged. It’s an Ancient British silver unit, which was unearthed recently by John Ruczynski.

This is a coin of the Atrebates and Regni and it was struck for Verica (circa AD 10-40). On the obverse is a warrior on a horse galloping to the right, with COMMI F below. On the reverse is another mounted warrior, holding a spear, with VERI behind and CA under the forelegs of the horse.

In Ancient British Coins this type of stater is listed under the Regni and Atrebates as the Verica Cavalry Duo type (number 1238). In the Standard Catalogue it is number 133. In ABC the type is said to be only scarce but this is the first example we have had on this website.    


The obverse would grade only Fine but the reverse is sharper and this side is VF. In its present overall condition I’d set the minimum price at £100.

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