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1927 Empire Day medal

The find pictured here was sent in by a detectorist signing himself as Russ. Instead of being a coin or an artefact, it is a 38mm in diameter commemorative medal.

On the obverse is the head of the Prince of Wales with OUR EMPIRE PRINCE above and 24 MAY 1927 below. When George V died early in 1936 the Prince of Wales became King Edward VIII but late in the same year he abdicated the throne. On the reverse is a bridge, with the sun above and a ship framed in the central arch; the legend on this side reads FOR GOD KING AND EMPIRE.

Medals like this one were struck to celebrate Empire Day. This became a special day in 1902 and was celebrated for many years afterwards. The medals made in 1927 were aluminium or copper; some had suspensions loops but others were perfectly round.


The 1927 medal appears to be very common, as in very good condition can be bought for around £10. The example found by Russ isn’t in good condition so wouldn’t be worth much in cash terms. However, it is none-the-less an interesting detecting find.

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