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William the Lion Penny

Colin Pearson is the finder of this hammered silver coin, which is a penny of William the Lion of Scotland. It’s an example of phase B of the short cross and stars coinage. It is listed in Coins of Scotland, Ireland and the Islands as number 5029. The head on the obverse of coins of this type varies between one that is carefully cut and realistic and others that are just an unidentifiable mass of lines and pellets. The head on this specimen might look rather crude but it is actually one of the better representations of King William. On the reverse two moneyers are named: Hue and Walter. Therefore, this is a joint issue of the Edinburgh and Perth moneyers working together.


Colin’s find is one-third flat on both sides but the struck-up areas are near VF. It’s a pity about the flatness but this is still a reasonably nice looking Scottish penny, which could still sell for around £120.

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