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William III sixpence

This early milled silver coin came in from Glyn Peak, who asked for a full ID and a valuation.

Glyn’s find is a William III sixpence, which is undoubtedly the early milled coin most frequently found by detectorists. They are usually very worn and commonly bent into an S-shape for use as love tokens. I’ve lost count of number of tokens I have unearthed but it must be at least three dozen. The latest example, poor condition as usual, turned up last Sunday

Having said that most of the William III sixpences found by detectorists are not in good condition, Glyn’s coin is an exception. It can’t have circulated for long before it was lost, for it would grade good Fine to about VF. On the obverse is the first bust of William III; on the reverse there are small crowns over four shields with the date, 1696, divided by the crown above the English shield. 


Despite the fact that this is a fairly common coin of William III, this rather attractive sixpence shouldn’t be worth any less than £50 to a collector.

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