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Voided short cross penny of Henry III

The coin pictured here was found by John Lashmar, who is a regular contributor to this website. Other detectors should also use the ID and valuation service offered by the website, for no other sites have this totally free facility.

John’s latest find is a voided short cross penny. The overall condition leaves much to be desired but enough detail is visible to enable me to provide a full ID.

The coin was struck during the reign of Henry III and it belongs to class 7b (number 1356B in the Standard Catalogue). If the full legend on the reverse was visible then it would reads hENRI ON CANT, so Henry is the moneyer and Canterbury the mint.


The obverse is about one third flat; the reverse is less worn but this side has two smaller flat areas. In its present condition I would price it no higher than £12 – £15, which isn’t much but the coin can at least be pinned down to a reign, type, mint and moneyer.

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