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Voided long cross penny of Henry III

Here we have a voided long cross penny of Henry III, which Tony Philips unearthed very recently. It was struck at one of the provincial mints and Tony wondered if this would make it more valuable and of more interest to a collector.

The coin is an example of class 3b and the legend on the reverse reads ION ON NOR WIZ, so Ion is the moneyer and Norwich the mint. The most common mints for Henry III voided long cross pennies are London and Canterbury. Some of the provincial mints are very rare but Norwich isn’t one of them. However, it is at least much scarcer than London and Canterbury.    


Tony’s find is about one third flat on both sides and the reverse has been struck off centre. The areas that do stand out well would grade about VF. The overall condition does leave something to be desired but as it was struck at Norwich it should still be worth £50 – £60 to a keen collector.

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