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Victorian silver florin

This coin was unearthed from what was described as a Victorian picnic site. I was asked to provide a valuation for the detectorist who found it: John Ruczynski.

John’s find is a Victorian silver florin (two shilling piece), which is dated 1892 on the reverse. On the obverse is the jubilee head of Queen Victoria, which was introduced in 1887 and appeared on the larger silver coins until 1892.

The obverse would grade about VF but has several small marks on the surface. The reverse is better and this side is a strong VF with a clear surface.


Had this florin been dated 1887 then I would have priced it no higher than £8-10. However, whilst 1887 is a common date, 1892 is very rare. I’ve seen a few Victorian florins as detecting but never an example dated 1892 and I doubt if I’ll ever see another after this one. Instead of £8-10, my price range on this florin would be £70 to £80.

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