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Victoria, sixpence

Dave Richman sent in the images of this sixpence, which is dated 1893 and has the old head of Queen Victoria on the obverse. Dave said he knew there are rare varieties but wasn’t sure this is one of them.

The first sixpences of Victoria were struck in 1838 and had the queen’s young head on the obverse up to 1887. Sixpences of 1887 can have the young head or the jubilee head; the latter marking 50 years of Victoria’s reign. The next was the old head, which appeared on coins dated 1893 and all the way up to her death on 21 January 1901.

Most of the coins dated 1893 have the old head but some of the threepences and a few sixpences have the jubilee head.


Dave’s sixpence is the standard type for 1893 and in its present condition it would be worth no more than £4 – £5. However, if it had the Jubilee head on the obverse it would be very rare indeed and could be worth up to £500.

I’d recommend anyone having difficulty trying to sort out types and varieties to buy a copy of the Standard Catalogue. This is an excellent guide to almost all the types and varieties of English coins that detectorists are likely to come across.

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