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Victoria halfcrown

Robert Davie sent in images of several coins he had found whilst out metal detecting. In some cases I couldn’t help as I didn’t know the sizes. Some coins bear the same design but can be a sixpence or a shilling; in the case of copper coins they can be pennies or halfpennies. Therefore, where there is a possibility of confusion then please give the size or sizes.

Robert’s first coin is a Victorian halfcrown. On the obverse is the young head of the queen with the date, 1874, below it. Halfcrowns of this type are listed as number 3889 on page 468 in the Standard Catalogue.


This find is only in Fair condition and the legend is almost flat in places on both sides. A plus point is that it is a large silver coin but in its present condition the highest price it would be likely to achieve would be £7.

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