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Victoria Half Sovereign

The number of gold coins unearthed by detectorists over the last 50 years must run into many thousands, perhaps even tens of thousands. They range from the Ancient British period, through the Roman, Anglo-Saxon, medieval and post-medieval periods all the way up to sovereigns and half sovereigns of the 20th century. Some detectorists have never found one. Others have found several and not a few have been fortunate enough to discover a hoard. Pictured here a Victoria half sovereign, which is one of Roger Paul’s recent finds. It’s the shield type and is dated 1846 beneath the head of Queen Victoria. It has a few faint scratches and nicks but the obverse would still grade VF; the reverse is even better.


The catalogue price in VF condition is £325. Even though the price of gold is very high at the moment, I’d say that £325 is a bit optimistic for a Victorian half sovereign. I would suggest that £250 would be nearer the mark.

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