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Tonbridge detectorist strikes gold

David Callow, a detectorist from Tonbridge was buzzing with excitement when he found two Merovingian Tremisses last year. The find came at the end of what appeared to be a luckless detecting trip. His friend, Guy, was keen to get back for his dinner and went to the car to read the newspaper saying “you carry on, I’ll sit in the car”. David and his son, Lawrence, headed to a different part of the field for a final half hour.

His metal detector made a sound that he hadn’t heard before. His curiosity turned to excitement as he dug. David said “I knew it was gold that I’d dug up but I didn’t know exactly what it was because I didn’t have any spray – you don’t rub these things”

After showing his son, he went back to where he had found the coin and heard the same sound as before. He dug another hole and announced “oh God, it’s another one”. As David says “Most people that have been detecting for 40 years, never find gold coins”.

PAS and Treasure

As the two gold coins were found close together they constitute potential treasure. They have been reported to the PAS as KENT-83515A and KENT-83554C and have treasure case number: 2021T48.

Both are great finds – this coin is really superb.

The Merovingians

Have a look at my previous article, Merovingian Tremissis, to read about the Merovingians and their coinage.

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