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Styca of Aethelred II

This little coper coin (about 12mm in diameter) was unearthed very recently by Anthony Hopkinson. I was asked to provide as much information as possible on Anthony’s find.

The coin is a Northumbrian styca with an obverse legend reading ADELRED around a central cross. On the reverse is the moneyer’s name, EADWVLF, which is also around a cross. This styca was struck during the second reign of King Aethelred II of Northumbria. Most of the coins like this one were struck in or around the York area.

Some coins tend only to be found in certain areas. For example, most Ancient British coins turn up in in the east or south of England. Anglo-Saxon stycas are found around York and in the old Kingdom of Northumbria but hardly anywhere else.

Anthony’s find is not in good condition and would grade only Fair. However, we know it was struck for Aethelred II and the name of the moneyer is reasonably clear so it would still be of interest to a collector.

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