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Small cross type penny of Edward the Confessor

This rather attractive Anglo-Saxon coin was unearthed by Rob Warwick on the 12th of December. I was asked to provide a valuation as Rob said the landowner would want a figure when this find is shown to him.

The coin is a radiate/small cross type penny of Edward the Confessor and is listed in the Standard Catalogue as number 1173. On the reverse the legend reads +EADMVND ON LVND so the moneyer is Eadmund and the mint London.


The obverse would grade good VF, the reverse VF. The coin has good eye appeal and if it was offered for sale at auction a likely pre-sale estimate would be £350-380.

Quality of Anglo-Saxon coins

Most of the coins made during the Anglo-Saxon period were well struck and defective examples are rare. The high quality continued immediately after the Norman Conquest but started to deteriorate during the reign of William II and became even worse in the reign of Henry I. Most of the coins of Stephen were as just as bad but the Tealby coinage at the start of the reign of Henry II was the worst of all. The quality improved thereafter but never again reached the overall high standard of Anglo-Saxon coins.

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