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Sixpence of Elizabeth

Peter Vernon sent in the images of this find but it was found by a detecting colleague, who wanted a valuation.

The find is a sixpence of Elizabeth, which is dated 1602 over the shield on the reverse. Over the years detectorists have unearthed many thousands of Elizabeth I sixpences, most of which are common dates and the majority not in good condition.

This sixpence is dated 1602, which isn’t a rare date but neither is it one of the most common. However, the specimen has a significant plus point that makes it rare. The date should be accompanied by mint mark 2. The mark on the obverse doesn’t show up but on the reverse it is clearly 1 and this turns the coin into a rarity.

As I’ve said many times, today collectors focus far more on the state of preservation of coins than their rarity. Rarity still matters but is not the be all and end all that it used to be.


This find is weak in places but it is unclipped and overall it would grade Fine. Pricewise, as it is a rare variety for 1602 my minimum valuation figure would be £100.

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