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Sixpence of Charles I

Stephen Palmer sent in this coin on behalf of a detecting colleague. I was told that it turned up during the last holiday weekend.

The coin is a hammered silver sixpence of Charles I. It was struck at the mint in the Tower of London and is an example of group D, type 3 and has mint mark harp on both sides, which dates it to 1632-33.

On the obverse the bust of the king would grade VF but there are flat areas in the legend. The shield on the reverse stands out very well but once again there are flat areas. The reason for the odd appearance of this coin is likely to have been cause d by the disc of silver impressed by the dies being of an uneven thickness. Therefore, parts of the coin are sharp and clear whilst other areas are flat.   


In any description this coin would be described as being a faulty strike but the central areas, which are the most important, are very good. It’s not a rare coin but neither is it one of the most common types of Charles I sixpences. In its present condition my price range would be £80 to £100.

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