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Silver Unit of the Catuvellauni

This Ancient British silver unit is only about 14mm in diameter but it is shown greatly enlarged. It was found quite recently by Roger Paul, who is lucky enough to detect in areas that occasionally give up coins like this one.

On the obverse is a head facing left with a rosette by the forehead. The creature facing right on the reverse looks like a horse but has been identified as a goat. All this adds up to this silver unit being a coin of the Catuvellauni. In Ancient British Coins (by far the best ‘general’ reference work on the series) it is listed as the Whaddon Goat type (number 2487) and in the Standard Catalogue it is number 51.

The type is very rare and most examples are struck with the face on the obverse very near the edge of the flan. Therefore, little or nothing of the rosette shows up. Roger’s find is unusual in that the whole of the rosette can be seen.


Overall, the coin would grade good Fine but there is some loss to the edge. In its present condition a likely pre-sale auction estimate would be £90 – £120 but it might sell for more in a specialist auction.

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