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Shilling of Charles I

Phil Burns described this hammered shilling as being heavily clipped. In actual fact, it might be full weight but struck on an irregular flan.

The shilling is a coin of Charles I, which was struck at the mint in the Tower of London. It belongs to group F, is an example of type 4/4 and it has mint mark star (dating it to 1640-41) on both sides. In the Standard Catalogue it is listed as number 2799.

There is a raised mark in front of the face of King Charles. Phil said that after looking at the mark through a strong magnifying glass he believes it is a boar. I enlarged the obverse as high as I could and to me the mark looks like a flaw in the die, rather than the image of a boar.


This Charles I shilling is a fairly common type and it would grade no higher than Fait to Fine, so my highest price range would be £20 to £25.

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