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Sestertius of Marcus Aurelius

This big Roman coin is one of three that were sent in by Mike Ruczynski. The other two lacked enough detail to pin them down but enough can be seen on this one for a full ID.

The coin is a sestertius, which at 28mm in diameter is small for the denomination. However, the lack of size is due to it being struck on a thick and dumpy flan.

This sestertius was struck for Marcus Aurelius when he was sole emperor. On the obverse is the laureate head of Aurelius and a legend that reads M ANTONIVS AVG TR P XXVI. On the reverse, holding up the figure of Victory, is the seated figure of Roma flanked by S C; the legend on this side reads IMP VI COS III.

In volume II of David Sear’s Roman Coins and Their Values a sestertius like this one isn’t illustrated but it is listed as number4976. The type was struck at Rome during AD 172.    


In terms of circulation wear the coin would grade Fine or better. However, minus points include the unattractive looking flan with chipped edge. In its present state of preservation and with its very limited eye appeal my price range would be no higher than £25 – £30.

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