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Seal Matrix

Darren Smith said this find was recently unearthed from the soil in Norfolk. It’s a copper-alloy seal matrix, which is most probably 14th century in date.

The face has a crowned letter R flanked by naturalistic branches and the stem rises up to the suspension loop at the top. This is one of the things that used to be quite rare until detectorists started to dig them up here, there and everywhere. The increased supply to the market over the last two or three decades has had a significant impact on sale prices.

Seal matrices that have been in the ground for several centuries are often badly corroded when they are found. This one, though, is in very good condition. The face, in particular, is still as sharp as it was when it was made.


Having said that prices have dropped for these things, this one is so nice that a pre-sale auction estimate shouldn’t be any lower than £80 – £120.

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