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Robert II, penny

This coin comes from the collection of detecting finds built up by Michael Young. It’s a hammered silver penny of Robert II of Scotland, whose dates are 1371 to 1390.

On the obverse is a crowned bust facing left. In front of the bust is a sceptre with a star on the base of the handle.

In the angles of the long cross on the reverse are four pierced mullets, each of which has a pellet in the centre. What can be seen of the legend read D InBV, which is part of the mint signature for Edinburgh. In Coins of Scotland Ireland and the Islands pennies of this type are listed as number 5145.


In terms of circulation wear, the coin would grade nearly VF. However, it has been struck off centre, the flan is bent and part of the edge has been lost. On the plus side it is quite scarce, so even in its present condition it could be worth £70 – £80 to a keen collector of Scottish coins.

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