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Richard I penny

Tom Burton asked for this find to be identified and valued. It’s a voided short cross penny; this type started to be struck during the reign of Henry II and continued to be issued well into the reign of Henry III.

On the obverse is a fairly crude bust and a legend that appears to start with hENRICVC, rather than the usual hENRICVS. On the reverse the legend reads +CFERARD ON CVI.

This penny is difficult to pin down to a definite class due to the bust not being clear. However, it does offer clues. Even though the mint signature is CVI the coin will have been struck at the mint situated in York. I say this on the basis of a coin in the Jeffrey Mass collection, which had the same reading. The moneyer’s name is usually spelt EVERARD but on this coin it is rendered as CFERARD. The class is either late III or IVa of Richard I.


Tom’s find would grade only Fair to Fine but on the plus side York is a scarce mint and the spelling errors on both sides should add interest for prospective buyers. In its present condition my price range would be £50 – £60.

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