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Richard II Halfpenny

Richard II halfpenny

This coin is a recent find and was unearthed by Oliver Jackson

The coin is an intermediate type, London halfpenny of Richard II. This is one of those coins that used to be very scarce until detectorists started to dig them up here, there and everywhere. Almost all English hammered halfpennies and farthings were scarce and this included cut coins. However, whilst some are still scarce or rare, most examples of small change have dropped in price because of an increased supply to the market through detecting finds. Cut coins in particular, especially those of the voided short and long cross coinages, can now be bought for prices lower than they were 50 years since. 


Though not as scarce as it used to be, Oliver’s Richard II halfpenny would grade good Fine and should still be worth around £45 to a collector.

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