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Richard I, penny

This is another find from the collection of detecting finds built up by Stephen Palmer. It’s a voided short cross penny, which is in better than average condition.

I see lots of voided short cross pennies and cut fractions, most of which are fairly common. This one, though, is rather special. It’s a class IVa coin of Richard I. On the reverse the legend reads ALCIN ON DVNI, so the mint is Durham. The moneyer is Alein but on this coin there is a C rather than an E in his name.

The very large collection of voided short cross coins formed by the late Professor Jeffery P. Mass was sold at auction by Dix Noonan Webb during 2005. Lot 592 in the Mass sale was a Richard I Durham penny on which the reverse legend was exactly the same as on the coin found by Stephen. The cataloguer of the coin described it as extremely rare.



The obverse of Stephen’s find is partly flat but all the important detail is visible. The reverse is well struck and in VF condition. It’s a real rarity, so a pre-sale auction estimate shouldn’t be any lower than £300 – £400.

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