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Quarter stater of the East Wiltshire tribal group

The Ancient British gold quarter stater pictured here was unearthed very recently by Vince Rees. It has been reported and recorded by the PAS but Vince asked me to provide him with some idea of its possible commercial value.

On the obverse is a wreath motif, below which is a face made up of crescent brows over eyes; to the left of the face is a spoked wheel. On the reverse is a triple-tailed horse facing right, with a wheel above and below and ring-and-dots in the field.  All this adds up to the quarter stater being a coin of the East Wiltshire tribal group and it is listed in Ancient British Coins (ABC) as the Three Wheels type (number 2093).   


When ABC was published back in 2010 the type was listed as being extremely rare. Due to the fact that more specimens are known today the rating has dropped down to very rare.

The coin found by Vince would grade good VF to EF and it has good eye appeal. It’s a really nice looking coin and if it was offered for sale at auction I would expect the pre-sale estimate to be around £2,000.

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