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Quarter Stater of Cauvellauni and Trinovantes

Judith Baker sent in this Ancient British gold coin. She asked for it to be identified and valued. It’s a quarter stater of the Cauvellauni and Trinovantes and has on the obverse a corn ear with CA to the left and MV to the right. On the reverse is a spirited horse facing right. Below this is CVNO (an abbreviation of Cunobelinus) above the ground line. It’s an example of the classic type, of which there is a number of varieties. The Standard Catalogue lists this type as number 296 and in Ancient British Coins as number 2822. After searching through the Celtic Coin Index this quarter stater appears to be struck from the same reverse die as number 990627.


The obverse is slightly weak at the top but the reverse detail is quite sharp; the horse in particular stands out really well. It is a very rare coin and in its present condition a pre-sale auction estimate could be as high as £600-800.

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