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Quarter noble of Edward III

The images of this hammered gold coin were sent in by Ben Lamb but it was found several years since by Alan Thurston. I was asked what it might be worth in its present condition.

As is the case with many hammered gold coins, whilst in the soil it has been bent and twisted out-of-shape. When it was found it was reported, recorded and identified as a coin of Edward III. The obverse legend, punctuated by double saltire stops, reads EDWAR R AnGL Z [F]RANC hY and the coin was described as being “probably pre-treaty period.”

On the reverse there is a pellet either side of the top fleur de lis on the end of the floriated cross. Therefore, this quarter noble will be an example of the fourth coinage, pre-treaty period, series Gf.    


In its present state of preservation (near Fine but badly buckled) it might sell for £220 to £250. However, if it was straightened out it would fetch a higher price. The bends don’t look to be sharp so they could be remedied without causing any breaks. However, the necessary remedial work would need to be done by a person skilled in the working of precious metal. After it has been straightened then the coin could be worth around £350.

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