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Quarter noble of Edward III

The finder of this hammered gold coin asked to remain anonymous. It turned up recently and was believed to be a quarter noble of Edward III but the finder could not trace an exact match, so he asked for my assistance.

On the obverse the legend begins with +EDWAR DEI. On the reverse there is a large pellet in the centre and four more pellets dividing up the arms of a cross potent. Both sides have trefoils on the points of the tressure and pellets in the spandrels. The stops in the legends are made up of double and single saltires.

The details listed above point towards this quarter noble being struck during the transitional treaty period (1361). In the Standard Catalogue the reference number is 1501; it was a large issue and there are many different varieties. This coin isn’t one of the rarer varieties.


The flan is irregular, the obverse is off centre and it might have been clipped but the coin is otherwise in about VF condition. In its present state of preservation a likely auction estimate would be in the region of £380 – £450.

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