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Penny of King John

Paul Tongue said this coin was unearthed on the 4th of June during a group dig. I was asked to give my opinion on what it might be worth.

This is a voided short cross type penny of King John, the man who was so ruthless that his nobles forced him to sign the Magna Carta in 1215. On the obverse the style of the letter X in REX marks out this penny as coin of class 5c.

On the reverse the legend reads +WALTER ON LVN with the last two letters joined together. Therefore, the moneyer is Walter and the mint is London.


The edge of this penny is irregular on the obverse and the surface on the reverse is a bit rough but the coin is otherwise in about VF condition. It’s not a scarce type, mint or moneyer so my price range would be no higher than £80 to £100

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