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Penny of Henry II

Oliver Jackson sent in the images of this voided short cross cut halfpenny. Cut coins of this type are now very common, for over the years the number unearthed by detectorists will run well into five figures. This change could be regarded as amazing when 50 years since they were quite scarce.

A coin like this could easily be written off as just another voided short cross cut halfpenny. That would be a mistake, as this specimen is rather special.

What remains of the legend on the obverse reads CVS. R E. Crucially, the letters C and E are both square in form. On the reverse is the full name of the moneyer:  AIMER, which also has a square letter E and the M resembles a bunch of three bananas. The only mint at which a moneyer named Aimer was an official was London. All this adds up to the coin being a very early example of a class 1a London penny of Henry II.     


Oliver’s find would grade about VF and it is a rarity. I usually place a figure of £3-4 on run-of-the-mill short cross cut halfpennies but this one would be worth much more. Instead of £3-4 I’d set the minimum price range on this coin at £30 – £40. A really keen collector might even be willing to pay more than the higher figure in order to acquire this rarity.

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