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Pennies of Edward III and Henry III

These two coins were unearthed by John Lashmar, who asked me to identify and value both of them.

London penny of Edward III

The first is a London penny of Edward III, which was struck during the third (Florin) coinage, which commenced in 1344 and ended in 1351.

On the obverse the legend starts with EDW R ANGL and the N in ANGL is reversed so the coin belongs to class 4, which is listed in the Standard Catalogue as number 1546.

Both sides have been struck a bit off centre but this penny is otherwise in Fine condition. It isn’t a rare coin but is certainly scarcer than pennies of Edward I. In its present condition my price range would be £20 to £25.

Voided short cross penny of Henry III

John’s second find is a voided short cross penny of Henry III.


On the reverse the legend reads +SIMVND ON CANT so Simund is the moneyer and Canterbury the mint. Various characteristics mark out the coin as being an example of class 7b.

Like the last coin, both sides of this penny are off centre. However, all the main detail is clear and overall I would grade it as good Fine. As it stands, my price range on this Henry III penny of Canterbury would be £40 to £50.

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