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PAX type penny of Harold II

This remarkable coin came in from Tony Hollis. It’s a PAX type penny of the last Anglo-Saxon King of England: Harold II.

On the reverse the legends reads +PVLFPI ON BEDEFO. The lettering in the moneyer’s name is a bit rough but it will be a version of Wulfwig and the mint is Bedford.

All the coins of Harold II used to be rare but their rarity has been diluted due to the large number in the hoard discovered at Chew Valley. However, Bedford is still an extremely rare mint for Harold II.


The coin would grade good Fine to about VF and in its present condition a likely pre-sale auction estimate would be in the region of £2,500 to £3,000.

I asked Tom if it was a detecting find and he said that it was. I asked that question as I wasn’t altogether happy with the overall appearance of the coin. It could be perfectly genuine but I have seen cast copies that look very similar. After checking out several reproductions and copies I did not trace an example similar to Tom’s find, which is a significant plus point. However, I would have to see and handle the actual coin before I could be totally certain about its authenticity.

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