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One Shilling Token of Marlborough Old Bank

This find came in from Mike Ruczynski. It’s a silver token and Mike said he wasn’t sure if it was genuine as the finish looked to him to be a bit crude.

Besides a wide range of copper tokens, several made of silver were issued to circulate in many localities. There had been a shortage of officially struck silver cons for several decades and these tokens helped to finance the fledgling Industrial Revolution.

In the centre of the obverse are four clasped hands and the surrounding legend reads King Gosling Tanner Griffiths. The four names stand for Stephen King, John Gosling, William Tanner and Robert Griffiths, who were partners in Marlborough Old Bank in Wiltshire.

On the reverse we have MARLBOROUGH in a curve at the top and OLD BANK in a curve at the bottom, between which is ONE SHILLING TOKEN 1811 in four lines.


The obverse legend is obscured by a surface deposit but the reverse isn’t as bad. This isn’t a particularly scarce token and the surface deposit reduces its eye appeal. In its present condition my price range would be £25-35.

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