Medieval Priory Seal Matrix

This seal was found by ten year-old detectorist George Henderson, while out on a charity dig with his dad, Paul, last November 2021, near Woodbridge, Suffolk. Paul said “The seal’s historical importance rather than value is what’s important to both me and George. It’s the most exciting find either of us have ever made. George has been metal detecting on and off since the age of five but he doesn’t always come out with me. He’s found one or two interesting things over the years. He knew the seal was special when he dug it up but he didn’t know what it was. I did. I knew it was a medieval seal matrix.

George said “I’m happy I discovered it

Adam Staples, a consultant valuer at Hansons Auctioneers, said: “This is an exceptional find for any metal detectorist to make but to discover something like this when you’re only ten is astounding. George must have the Midas touch. I hope it will inspire him to keep metal detecting and unearthing more history.”

Inscribed +S’ PRIORIS ET CONVENT DE BUTTEL’ G DE AD CA. ‘Seal of the Priory and Convent of Butley, of Adam, Canon Regular‘. The area where it was found is connected to Butley Priory, a religious house for canons founded near Woodbridge in 1171. Its owner Adam, canon regular of the convent of Butley served as its prior from 1219 to 1235. It was recorded at the PAS as DUR-BAFF71 and was designated a Find of Note: Regional Importance.

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