Medieval gold ring depicting The Holy Trinity

This iconographic gold ring was found in August 2020 in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and recorded at the PAS as SWYOR-4E1B92. It has been dated to the 15th century.

PAS SWYOR-4E1B92. 16 silver coins found with the ring.
Photo: West Yorkshire Archaeology Advisory Service CC By SA2.0

The ring was found with 16 silver coins and they were deemed to be treasure and disclaimed. The coins are being offered in Noonans coin auction on 28 September 2022.

All but one of the coins is Edward IV and the latest dates to 1473 – 1477, giving the deposition date as after 1473 and probably in the later years of the 15th century.


The ring has Christ, on the cross, with God above. The cross-hatching marks around Christ could be wings to represent the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove; this is the most usual representation of the Holy Spirit at the time. On each shoulder are six droplets, which could be either blood from Christ’s wounds or his tears.

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