Henry VIII, George Noble

In 1526, in an attempt to stop the drain of gold to continental Europe, the value of English gold was increased. After the Angel had been revalued at 7s 6d the George-Noble was introduced as its replacement with a value of 6s 8d. Relatively few were struck between 1526-29 and only a handful survive

This George Noble has initial mark rose on both sides of coin, ship sailing right with large Tudor rose on mast, h and K above for Henry VIII and Katharine of Aragon. Reverse has St George in armour on rearing horse slaying the dragon. The reverse legend reads TALI : DICA : SIGnO : MES ‘x FLVCTVARI : nEQVIT, “Consecrated by such a sign the mind cannot waver“, a line taken from a 4th century hymn by Prudentius.

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