Edward III, Noble

The obverse legend reads EDWARD’ DI GRA REX AnGL + FRAnC DnS hIB + AQVIT. The inclusion of the French title indicates that this is a Post Treaty Period noble minted in Calais. The Treaty of Bretigny was abrogated on 3 June 1369 and Edward reaffirmed his claim to the French throne.

Comparison with a “Treaty B” Noble

The first of the post treaty nobles were in the same lettering and general style of the old “Treaty B” with Z.FRA inserted after ANGL to show the French title.

Early in 1370 new obverse dies began to be used with the French title now shown as FRANC instead of FRA. When compared to the Treaty B noble, shown here, it can be seen that the ship is redrawn with the two castles having battlement tops instead of pellets. Also, the bowsprit is carried through the forecastle, and there’e a mooring rope at the bow.

The reverse of the Calais noble would now have a central E with a cross or, as in this lot, a pellet in front of it. To distinguish it as a Calais mint, all the Calais obverses would now carry a flag at the stern (only about half the Treaty Period, Calais noble dies had a flag) and a voided quatrefoil over the sail. They were various minor privy marks employed. In this lot, pellets flank the upper lis at the end of the floriate cross on the reverse.

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