Angel of Richard III

This Angel of Richard III was found by Mariusz Clepluch during a detecting rally on 21 April 2022in a freshly-ploughed field in Overton, Hampshire. It was recorded at the PAS as SUR-7A0B6C.

Mariusz, who has been detecting for five years, described the find: “I was at a detecting event and I had not found anything all day when I got a good signal. I dug down 4ins and found this coin. When I showed it to other people there they were quite excited and said it could be very valuable.” “

Angle of Richard III bent

When unearthed the coin was a bit crumpled and has since been straightened. The coin’s mint mark is a boar’s head and it is an extremely rare coin.

Mariusz continued “When I got home I researched it and found it to was a Richard III angel and examples had sold for up to £20,000. It was quite a surprise. He is a baker from south London and said “On the day of the auction I will be baking bread early in the morning but then I will stop for the sale“. He will split the proceeds of the sale with the landowner and spend his share on a family holiday to Turkey.

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