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North East Coast type stater of the Corieltauvi

Bill Wiggins told me that this gold stater was reported and recorded with the Portable Antiquities Scheme when it was found back in 2013. I was asked for my opinion on what it might be worth today.

On the obverse is what has been described as a wreath, cloak and crescents design. The reverse features a left-facing stylised horse, with a star in front and a pelleted sun below. All these characteristics point towards this coin being a North East Coast type stater of the Corieltauvi. In the Standard Catalogue it is number 29 and in Ancient British Coins it is number 1734.

Ancient British Coins lists the type as ‘Common’. However, whether or not you are likely to find an example depends on the geographic areas you search. If the areas were once occupied by the Corieltauvi then you stand a chance, if they weren’t then the chances of locating a specimen one would be slim. And, North East Coast staters might be common in comparison to some other Ancient British coins but they are still rare in comparison to lots of other series of coins.


Bill’s find is well and centrally struck and would grade VF.  A fair price to a private collector would be in the region of £450. However, it sold at auction it might struggle to achieve a hammer price of £400.

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