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Netherlandish Two Stuiver piece

Bill Wiggins told me that this find was recovered from the soil in Northamptonshire. He said he had never seen anything like it and wasn’t even sure it was a coin.

Well, it is made of silver, measures 20mm in diameter and is a Netherlandish two stuiver piece. On one side, facing left, is a crowned lion with a sword in one paw and a bunch of arrows in the other. In four lines on the other side is TRAS ISVLA NIA 1619. Therefore, this coin was struck for the province of Overijssel in the Netherlands.

This is just one a large number of foreign coins that circulated at one time or another in England. From its size I would guess that in England it would have passed for three pence.


The overall condition could be better but this is a scarce coin, which could be worth up to £20 to a keen collector.

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