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Mount – Trewhiddle style

This is the last find from a group of ten that came in from Jamie New. Jamie said he reported it to his local FLO a year since but as he has had no reply he assumed it was not of interest.

This find measures only 21mm by 17mm but is shown greatly enlarged. The body is copper-alloy and on the back is a spike, presumably placed there so it could be mounted onto something.

On the face is a crouching creature, which stands out well from the gilded background. The creature is in the manner of the Trewhiddle style, which is named after a hoard found near Trewhiddle in Cornwall in the 18th century. This hoard was dated to the 9th century. The spike on the back of Jamie’s mount suggests it might a little later in date than the 9th century.


The copper-alloy fabric on this find looks to be a little rough but the imagery is very striking and the gilding almost fully intact. The only downside is that it is very small. I’d give it a pre-sale auction estimate of £80 – £100 and see what happened. It’s rare and has eye appeal, so if a couple of collectors really wanted it then the hammer price might be higher than my upper estimate.

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