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Since it has become apparent that I no longer contribute material to The Searcher I have had several emails, telephone calls and letters asking me what I intend to do next. Well, this is the answer: a new website. I’m always telling people that I’m hopeless on computers, so I had to enlist help to set this up. Fortunately, my son-in-law, Paul Smith, knows all about computers and he is the brains behind this website and will, I hope, sort out any problems that crop up. I would emphasize that I’m totally independent and have no links with any dealers, auctioneers, publications or anything else that could lead to accusations of bias.


Over the last 22 years I have published articles on a wide range of subjects. In the case of detecting finds they have included write-ups of many outstanding coins and artefacts. Besides the find itself, I have always included information about its historical background. Much research can go into the latter but it can be just as interesting as the detail about the find.

I’m also thinking about republishing some of my old articles. They would be added occasionally and be some of my most interesting pieces. For example, the advertising token with the phenomenal background story, and the lengthy tale about a medal awarded to a man who fought at the Battle of Waterloo. There will probably be more up-to-date articles about some of the finds that come in.

Comments from readers, about the above or any other part of this website, are very welcome. How long it lasts and whether it expands, shrinks or disappears depends solely on the amount of support that comes in. So, tell your colleagues, clubs, societies and anyone else you think might be interested, about the site that offers much and isn’t blathered all over in advertisements that get in the way of just about everything

I will continue to offer identifications, valuations and advice. Also, please contact me with any news stories that might be of interest.

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3 years ago

Well done Peter, an excellent venture that I’ll look forward to visiting regularly 🙂

Tyndall Jones
3 years ago
Reply to  Peter

Dear Peter,
It looks great , and it must be easy to use of I can get this far. On my first attempt I had trouble getting the comment box to come up. I have entered my email address on the first attempt. By all means use any pictures of my finds . Thanks for your letter. If you could let me know if this email arrived as I can mess anything up . Best wishes Tyndall