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Merovingian tremissis

The finder of this gold coin asked to remain anonymous but asked if I’d provide a full ID and a valuation. It’s a Merovingian tremissis, examples of which have been unearthed in many parts of England.

On the obverse is a bust facing right and what can be seen of the legend reads VVICCO. On the reverse is a cross on three steps and the legend on this side reads DVTTA MONE. From the detail given above I can say that the mint will be Quentovic and the moneyer is Dutta. The coin will date from circa 630-650 AD and it is part of the Merovingian national coinage. It is one of the least rare trenisses in the whole of the Merovingian series.

If you want to know more about the Merovingian dynasty then check out my previous article on a Merovingian Tremissis.


The obverse on this tremisis looks to have been struck from a very rusty die but most of the detail shows up. The reverse is better and would grade VF. A very similar coin, perhaps struck from the same dies, was sold at auction earlier this year and the description was as follows: “Traces of deposits, obverse die rust, otherwise VF.” The hammer price on this coin was $850, which at the time was about £650. Therefore, if offered for sale at auction then the coin pictured here should sell for at least £650.


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