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London groats of Henry VII

Here are two hammered silver coins, both of which were sent in by Mark Milner. I was told that they came to him from his great-great-grandfather and Mark was wondering what they might be worth.

Groat of Henry VII – Profile bust

The first is a London groat of Henry VII, with a profile portrait of the king on the obverse.

It’s an example of the ‘regular issue’ and has mint mark pheon on both sides. In the Standard Catalogue this type of groat is listed as number 2258.

The obverse would grade near VF, the reverse VF. In its present condition the coin shouldn’t be worth any less than £300 to a keen collector.

Groat of Henry VII – Facing bust

Coin number two is another London groat of Henry VII, this one having a facing bust on the obverse.

It belongs to class IVa and has mint mark cross crosslet on both sides. In the Standard Catalogue the coin is listed as number 2200.

Part of the legend on the obverse is weak but this side is otherwise in VF condition. The reverse is VF. It looks to be nicely toned and to a collector it should be worth close to £250.

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